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File Name: [NEW v3i MP] NaNO_MotoloverZZ by ritza_ll (40.61 MB) Download
Author: ritza_ll (Uploaded by tankrider)
Date Added: 09-30-2009
Downloads: 353
Grade: Not Rated
[NEW v3i MP] NaNO_MotoloverZZ by ritza_ll

Monster NaNO_MotoloverZZ_[v3i]
by ritza_ll just newbieholic™

Selamat Berpuasa Ramadhan
Mohon maaf lahir batin
Please read all guide before flashing this MP!
You should have boot 0A.30, on R479 or R4441D
Applied RPLTE2 Patch and Sticky Patcher, so it 100% working
flashed to R4441D_03.05R

================================================== ====
Flash program recommended: RSD Lite (version 4 or above)
Tested successfully in v3i boot 0A.30

FW : R4441D_G_08.01.03R
Flex : NaNO_RaZZR
DSP : 632A2A00
DRM : Increase Speed Up to 40% using motospeed
Powered with drm changer So you can use your favorit DRM in every skin.
DRM automatically change if you change the skin.
It's make our moto really great (Thank to Tim Apple)

-Multifont edit by me (English 4 Font+Bhs Indonesia+Russian)

- Motolovers
- Royal Blue
- Motolovers Ultimate
- Bunglon by ROKRMAN

ELF (EP1) is enabled that run from phone memory, you doesn't need copy file to trans flash to make ELF work
Also came with the lates library update libgen 6.5
That support Almost new ELF Application

Some of elf application
1. Tunes ELF 4.0
Elf Music player by om2804, it’s faster than iTunes and have beautiful animated skin
You can hide in the background (play music+run Java Apllication):t humbup:

2. Start menu
interface like windows vista start menu
Press Options from home screen
See the screen shot

3. LRCPlayer 1.4
ELF by motoedy china, based on Tunes 4.0 and PP_Lyrics 1.6.3. It’s
same with Tunes 3.5 but it have additional feature to show lyrics.

4. Elf runner
Important Elf application to run Other Elf apllication from the phone
Now, elf runner in phone work to edit auto.run or elf category lists

Based on Tunes 2.9.5 and PP_Lyrics 1.5.4. It’s older version but stable,
no reboot in music without lyric file.

Elf by Last1Left for editing Gain Table Param Table

Program for automatic create series of photo. Prees red button to exit.

8.Save As
After run it, it will guard all file before receive file via bluetooth or wap.
So, if it’s working perfectly, it will make our phone capable to receive any type of file.

Run it, so you’ll hear a sound in open close flip. File must be stored in
c/elf/case__open.mp3 and

10.Mid Transfer
Elf for transfer your java application via bluetooth

Elf for make screenshot of our phone, run it.
Press camera button, so your screenshot will save on b/screenXX.bmp
Very usefull for skinner
Press # to unload

12.WP Changer
After run it, Automatic change wallpaper every
[NEW v3i MP] NaNO_MotoloverZZ by ritza_ll by tankrider on 09-30-2009
You do not have permission to download files


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